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Energy Storage Systems (Batteries)
  Energy storage systems constitute a significant investment for every business not only on an entrepreneurial but also on a financial level. The services we provide will thoroughly cover your energy needs and ensure the maximum benefit for you.  

SUNLIGHT |  Maintenance & repair

Maintenance & Repair
Select or develop, in collaboration with our energy consultant, the preventative or corrective maintenance scheme that best fits your needs and prolong your equipment's operating time, thus saving important resources.

SUNLIGHT |  Preventive battery audit

Preventive battery audit
Perform preventive audit to your batteries and diagnose possible problems, without having to replace all your batteries in the future.

SUNLIGHT |  Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring
Face immediately any unpleasant situation. Through our technologically advanced equipment, we monitor and inform you about the status of your batteries. Thus you have "SUNLIGHT's representative" permanently at your premises!

SUNLIGHT |  Τechnical support (24x7)

Τechnical support (24x7)
You are welcome to contact us any time. Our specialized Help Desk is always available to provide direct technical support and help for any possible problem either by phone (when this is possible) or by arranging an appointment at your site.

SUNLIGHT |  Inspection-Autopsy

Site survey
Define accurately the optimum equipment for your company, through an analytic technical and financial study we perform.

SUNLIGHT |  Installation and start-up

Installation & Start-up
Capitalize on our robust knowhow for the immediate, correct and safe installation of your equipment. Furthermore we can undertake the smooth start-up of its operation.

SUNLIGHT |  Spare parts stock management

Spare parts stock management
Ensure the continuous operation of your equipment and the direct supply of spare parts, through our spare parts stock management service.

SUNLIGHT |  Training

Optimize your batteries' use and increase their life time, through the training courses that we provide to your employees.

SUNLIGHT |  Rental & leasing

Rental & Leasing
Cover immediately your energy needs, while preserving high levels of liquidity, through our batteries' rental and leasing services.

SUNLIGHT |  Collecting & recycling

Collection & Recycling
Contribute actively to environment's protection and in parallel align your operations with the strict policies for industrial batteries' collection and recycling.