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The most commonly lithium batteries used are manufactured based on Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2) and Lithium-Ion technology.

More specifically, LiSO2 batteries are constructed of a Lithium (Li) anode, a Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) cathode and their electrolyte is made of Acetonitrile in combination with Lithium Bromide.


  •  Radio sets
  •  Mines
  •  Locator beacons
  •  Anti tank weapons
  •  Night vision equipment
Quality Features & Product Benefits

  •  Reliability
  •  Safe use
  •  Low operational cost
  •  Low maintenance cost
  •  Long life
Technical Features

  •  LiSO2 or Lithium-Ion technology
  •  Cell case made of aluminum or plastic
  •  Gold or silvevr plated contacts